Second Only to Syria

One of the ongoing tragic results of bad governance in Romania is that millions of its citizens have left the country to find a better life elsewhere. According to this well-researched piece, Romania is now second only to Syria in terms of the percentage of citizens who are now living abroad. Considering that Syria is in the midst of a vicious civil war and Romania … Continue reading Second Only to Syria

Ignorantia Juris Semper Excusat

You know, sometimes things in Romania are so absurd that when you hear about yet another tragedy, you almost have to laugh. Almost. First up, Justice Minister Raluca “I Need A Billion Euros to Spy On You” Pruna agreed with the recent Constitutional Court (Supreme Court) ruling that ignorance of the law is an excuse. At issue is whether a government official is committing the … Continue reading Ignorantia Juris Semper Excusat

The Locus of Control

Word Count: 2729 You know, after about six years of covering scandals, failures, problems, crimes, the media, and other sources of misery in Romania (and to a lesser extent, the Republic of Moldova), I’ve lately found myself thinking about the bigger picture. If you narrow your focus on the scandal of the day, it’s easy to get lost in the weeds. There’s cause for fresh … Continue reading The Locus of Control

Romanians Biggest Foreign Population in Madrid

According to this Spanish-language article, Romanians are now the biggest foreign population in 12 out of the city’s 21 districts. Here’s the breakdown of the biggest foreign resident population by district: Center – Italian Arganzuela – Chinese Retiro – Romanian Salamanca – Italian Chamartin – Paraguayan Tetuan – Filipino Chamberi – Italian Fuencarral-Pardo – Romanian Moncloa-Aravaca – Romanian Latina – Romanian Carabanchel – Romanian Usera … Continue reading Romanians Biggest Foreign Population in Madrid

Germans, the New Deal and Overwork

After writing my recent post about vacations in Romania, I came across this Salon article talking about how Germans are more productive yet work less and have more time off than Americans do. Quite illuminating and I recommend reading the entire thing, especially the fact that statistically Americans work nine full weeks more per year than Germans do and have six weeks (!) mandatory vacation … Continue reading Germans, the New Deal and Overwork