Going Down?

The other day I was walking in town and I passed a billboard with some admonishments to passersby on how to stay healthy. One thing “fun” about Moldova is that a huge percentage of billboards are used by the government, governmental agencies, or foreign NGOs to broadcast helpful information. Not quite sure if that’s due to a lack of commercial customers for the billboard owners … Continue reading Going Down?

The Many Faces of ING

I keep being surprised (and slightly puzzled) that certain foreigners genuinely want to learn Romanian. Obviously it’s good to know how to ask for directions or count numbers but some people I meet want to take it to the next level and actually have a conversation. In my unofficial role as “Dat Engrish Speaker Who Also Speakee Romanian” I hereby present a little lesson on … Continue reading The Many Faces of ING

Romanian Verbs: Part 1

Yes! After all the confusing grammatical rules on nouns and declinations and the dash mark and everything else, now time for something thankfully a lot simpler: verbs. Probably the most difficult language to learn in terms of verb conjugation is Italian, especially with their “passato remote” (distant past) tense. Compare the conjugation for Italian parlare (to talk) to the Romanian conjugation for vorbi. Quite a … Continue reading Romanian Verbs: Part 1