Was Ion Stan Right?

All day I’ve been wracking my brain, trying to see if there was any way to prove if what Ion Stan said was right or wrong. Essentially he is stating that the IMF is deliberately undervaluing Romania’s GDP by 20% in order to induce politicians (and economic “experts”) to take on IMF loans. Well there’s no way to prove something definitively, especially as I sure … Continue reading Was Ion Stan Right?

A Radiant Eruption of Democracy

The other day a reader mentioned the 1976 movie Network and I certainly understand why. In case you’ve never seen the movie, it starts with a older man (Mr. Beale) who is about to be fired from his job reading the news on television. He gets very depressed and angry and on his last broadcast gives a blistering speech about a number of issues. Wikipedia … Continue reading A Radiant Eruption of Democracy