Moldova at the Breaking Point

Despite a lack of media coverage anywhere except in the Russian press, the protests in Moldova have been continuing in the snow and cold. Unfortunately, I missed the excitement last night as protesters stormed the Parliament: Protesters broke into Moldova’s parliament after it approved a new pro-European government. The vote was aimed at ending months of political deadlock but was boycotted by opposition parties. Pavel … Continue reading Moldova at the Breaking Point

The Rats Go Running in Moldova

As the deadline of January 29 gets ever closer, none of the politicians know what the fuck to do. This article, written just yesterday, is already out of date, but has valuable information about what’s at stake: The Eastern Partnership is suffering a two-front assault. On the one hand, the Netherlands are going to the polls in a referendum that will approve or disapprove of … Continue reading The Rats Go Running in Moldova

Media Finally Pays Attention to Moldova

At long last, the worthless AP bureau in Bucharest began paying attention to the protests that have been rocking Chisinau (the capital of the Republic of Moldova) for days: The protest came amid a standoff between President Nicolae Timofti and the pro-European governing coalition. Timofti on Thursday nominated Ion Paduraru, the general secretary of his presidential office, to be prime minister — a day after … Continue reading Media Finally Pays Attention to Moldova

A Hated Oligarch is Romania’s Last Hope

Moldova is rapidly heading towards the precipice: Moldova’s president on Wednesday rejected a proposal to nominate an influential politician and businessman to become the next prime minister, saying there were doubts about his integrity. But President Nicolae Timofti said there were reasonable suspicions about Plahotniuc’s integrity and said he would not nominate him for the job. He told the pro-European coalition to pick another candidate … Continue reading A Hated Oligarch is Romania’s Last Hope