Happy Western Easter Time Travel Day!

Hi there, folks! If you’re Catholic, Protestant, or any of about 500 other flavors of Christianity, today is Easter. If you’re living in Moldova, where only a few renegade Ukrainians and “weirdo” evangelicals celebrate Easter today then you’ll have to wait another month or so for all the Orthodox fun. Fun Fact #1: The Orthodox church in Romania uses the Gregorian (modern) calendar date for … Continue reading Happy Western Easter Time Travel Day!

Time To Learn About Time

As I mentioned in this post, the Romanian day is divided somewhat differently that in other places, with morning ending before noon and evening, more or less, beginning at dusk. These are critically important when referring to times. Maine (mwee-nay) – Tomorrow Ieri (yair) – Yesterday Astazi (ah-stoz) – Today Although this doesn’t immediately appear to be devolved from Latin, it is. It stands for … Continue reading Time To Learn About Time