Did We Mention How Awesome We Are?

Well the unsleeping eye picked up a new report (PDF) about just how Romania is doing in terms of making the IMF happy. You can certainly click on the link and read the entire thing, acronym and jargon-filled as it is, but if you want to save yourself some time I’ll sum it up for you in one sentence: “Damn we’re so awesome for lending … Continue reading Did We Mention How Awesome We Are?

Was Ion Stan Right?

All day I’ve been wracking my brain, trying to see if there was any way to prove if what Ion Stan said was right or wrong. Essentially he is stating that the IMF is deliberately undervaluing Romania’s GDP by 20% in order to induce politicians (and economic “experts”) to take on IMF loans. Well there’s no way to prove something definitively, especially as I sure … Continue reading Was Ion Stan Right?