With friends like these, who needs enemies?

I spent several hours yesterday and this morning in the disagreeable task of digging through the career of Victoria Nuland after the western media reported on a YouTube video of an intercepted telephone call in which Nuland and American Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey “Geoff” Pyatt are heard discussing their plans for the future of Ukraine’s government. You can read a fairly comprehensive transcript of that … Continue reading With friends like these, who needs enemies?

An Apparatus For Signaling by Musical Notes

Many, many moons ago, some American friends of mine flew into Budapest, Hungary where I met them for a brief tour before we all went to Romania. My friends did not speak a single word of the Hungarian language but nonetheless did comprehend the word telefon written on a billboard. It’s the same word in nearly every language because it comes from the American English … Continue reading An Apparatus For Signaling by Musical Notes

Let’s Talk About Telephones

A few years ago, the government re-arranged telephone numbers in this country to make them a lot simpler to use. Nonetheless, it can sometimes be confusing. To understand, let’s look at a real telephone number, that of the mayor of Cluj, the city where I live: +40 264.592.301 To begin with, the +40 is Romania’s country code, so this phone number has been written in … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Telephones