Bucharest Squandered Crazy Amounts of Money

Well, it’s only “crazy amounts” of money if you’re unfamiliar with the standard amount of graft and corruption that goes on every day in Romania, especially in the capital. From here: Among the more jaw-dropping details are districts paying €1,000 ($1,083) apiece for park benches, and one area splashing out a total of €8,200 ($8,886) on 13 trashcans lovingly fashioned from exotic wood. No mention … Continue reading Bucharest Squandered Crazy Amounts of Money

Spare the Rod

If you’re a native English speaker you’ve probably heard the expression “spare the rod and spoil the child”, interpreted for centuries by schools (and sadistic parents) that the Bible supports whipping, caning, using a ruler to slash knuckles, tying a log to a child’s back, tawsing (a form of whipping), imprisoning children in stocks, flogging and being imprisoned in a cage (large wicker basket) as … Continue reading Spare the Rod