Lexical Doublets

One of the interesting things about studying the Romanian language is the number of lexical doublets, meaning that quite often two similar words are used, one from a Latin root and one from a non-Latin (usually Slavic) root. English has many of these, including lord and master, venison and deer, fire and flame or sheep and ewe. If you are familiar with other Romance languages … Continue reading Lexical Doublets

Word of the Day: Ba

Again folks, we must remember that there is absolutely no Slavic influence on grammar, pronunciation or anything else. Or if there is some influence it is “minor” and “very little” :P Nonetheless, time to examine the (ordinary) word ba (bah), which while short and sweet, is important. The DEX has a perfect definition: (Expressed in opposition to an earlier (stated) negative idea or question, used … Continue reading Word of the Day: Ba

I’m more X than you!

I think one of the curious things is that no one has ever actually asked me how to say, “I’m more Romanian than you”. And since that is, mysteriously enough, the number one search term that leads people to this blog (why? how many egomaniac romaniophiles can there be? good lord!) I thought I’d answer that simple question as it brings up an interesting grammatical … Continue reading I’m more X than you!