Acum Vorbim Frumos In Tara Asta

I had to bust out the first Scolding of Righteousness of the year yesterday. If you’ve never been to Romania before, I have to explain a certain concept that drives the mentality concerning consumer goods. Whenever you buy anything electronic here, expensive or not, Romanians universally insist on: Having the ability to plug in the device/object somewhere and test it out and see if it … Continue reading Acum Vorbim Frumos In Tara Asta

The Scolding of Righteousness

As I mentioned in my post about how I learned to speak Romanian, there exists something in this country which I call the Righteous Scolding, known in some parts as the Scolding of Righteousness. I got to bust out a good Scolding of Righteousness yesterday and I’m about to pitch a big one on Monday so I thought I’d go into it in more depth … Continue reading The Scolding of Righteousness