En Garde, IMF!

It’s no secret that I have almost zero respect for Romanian journalists and bloggers. But I am starting to get a serious writer crush on Moldovan journalist Vitalie Calugareanu, who has been writing (literally!) the only decent analysis I’ve seen anywhere in the Romanian language on what’s going on in the Republic of Moldova. Because his latest article is so good, I decided to translate … Continue reading En Garde, IMF!

Fresh Manure for Romania

Just happened to be ambling along, minding my own business, when I saw this report. My translation: The [Romanian] Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Achim Irimescu, met with American Ambassador Hans Klemm on Thursday. During their discussion, the ambassador explained that America’s priorities are security, the rule of law, and the prosperity of both countries. The American ambassador added that… he hopes to see … Continue reading Fresh Manure for Romania

The Ballad of Cupru Min

Well as I’ve written about before, the Pig Man and the Daddy Isarescu had big plans for Romania in 2012 with the first step to be selling off equity shares (or the entire company) of some of the last of this country’s state-owned firms. The first one on the block was Cupru Min (literally “Copper Mining”), a company that has rights to several large copper … Continue reading The Ballad of Cupru Min