The Saga of Rosia Montana

Word Count: 3843 Let’s start off with the good news. The Romanian Ministry of Culture, in conjunction with the Ministry of the Environment, Forests, and Water, officially added the Rosia Montana area to the list of sites to be considered by the United Nations as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Should this go all the way to the finish (which will take a few years) … Continue reading The Saga of Rosia Montana

Too Little Too Late

I already had a coughing fit and figured out who is against the big Rosia Montana project. But who exactly is for it? I can’t reveal any of their names but there’s definitely a lot of money behind it. They are now literally buying entire chunks of three of Romania’s 24-hour news channels. They’re also paying for fake “documentaries” that all have 1950s sounding names … Continue reading Too Little Too Late

The Complete and True Story of Rosia Montana

I didn’t need any television reports to tell me last night that the protests against mining in Rosia Montana were going strong – I could hear the drums and whistles well past 11 pm from my apartment here in Cluj-Napoca. A review of the media today tells me that similar large-scale protests occurred in Bucharest and other cities around the country. And yet the question … Continue reading The Complete and True Story of Rosia Montana