Romania Libera Article in English

The following is my translation into English of my Romania Libera article which you can find here. Any mistakes or errors are mine and mine alone. Links inside the article go to older articles of mine explaining various terms and concepts. Sam, The American In Love With Romania From Hamburgers and Whiskey to Mamaliga and Tuica He was born in America, the land of possibilities, … Continue reading Romania Libera Article in English

La Noi Ca La Nimeni

Wow! I know technically it’s a violation of Romanian Cultural Law to even say this but the truth is I had a wonderful time in Bucharest. Walked off the plane and there was someone right there waiting for me, holding up a sign that said “Sam Cel Roman”. If that isn’t the coolest thing, I don’t know what is ;) I met with a whole … Continue reading La Noi Ca La Nimeni