The Theft of the Century

The other day, after briefly mentioning how Kroll’s second report is now a month overdue (with no information about when it will ever be released), I remembered that somewhere in my archives I had a copy of the original Kroll report from April 2015. It’s a rather long and “boring” document but it is written in English so I sat down and read it thoroughly. … Continue reading The Theft of the Century

Cultural Suicide, Part 2

Word Count: 1358 Back in September, I wrote a post called Cultural Suicide, in which I generally welcomed the influx of migrants into Europe. A number of people disagreed with me, which is, of course, just fine. But when a much-publicized attack in Cologne/Koln happened on New Year’s Eve, a couple of commenters howled with glee, thinking that this proved their point that immigrants (particularly … Continue reading Cultural Suicide, Part 2

Following the 37 Steps :P

Oh my word, I just found this old post that was printed in the (UK) Telegraph newspaper, which made me smile. I have to give this lady respect for her honesty, that’s for sure. A few choice quotes: As my third anniversary in Bucharest passed, I realised I was becoming that person I had previously derided: the expat who has spent years in a country … Continue reading Following the 37 Steps :P