A Tangled Web

Unfortunately, I’m going to have to largely skip over an important issue to discuss an even more important issue. Today I set out to write a follow-up article about the Bunicuta de Aur, our new Finance Minister Ioana Petrescu, who gave a lengthy on camera interview with the media outlet Adevarul yesterday. During the interview, she revealed that the upcoming increase of 7 eurocents (~40 … Continue reading A Tangled Web

Bunicuta de Aur

Oh lord, if there’s one thing that makes me laugh, it’s my own foolishness. Just a few days ago I was writing about confirmation bias and last night I realized that I too had fallen into this trap. Since January 1, as you know, I’ve been undergoing intensive language training in Russian. With all the events ongoing in Ukraine, it’s been a boon for me … Continue reading Bunicuta de Aur


Today’s is International Women’s Day, increasingly important in the United States but a long-time holiday of major standing here in Romania. And so you’d think that I’d be quite happy about the fact that the new Ponta 3 cabinet has a number of female members, including Ioana Maria Petrescu, the new Minister of Public Finance. After all, she’s relatively young (age 34) and thus not … Continue reading Aioli