The December 1, 2018 Parade in 3 GIFs

Instead of writing a lengthy piece about the bizarre military parade held in Bucharest on December 1, 2018, I thought I’d just show you what I saw. Note: All the images were taken from TVR’s live coverage of the event. I sure hope he didn’t bang his eye against the scope! Nothing says “peaceful democracy” quite like masked goons marching through the capital, eh? The … Continue reading The December 1, 2018 Parade in 3 GIFs

Moldova News | LGBT

Originally posted on Outlas:
Anti-LGBT protesters disrupt LGBT Pride festivities in Moldova Video Credit: Campania socială Fără Frică Hundreds demonstrated against a Pride march taking place in Chisinau, the Moldovan capital, by chanting, singing, and reportedly throwing eggs and holy water at participants. The protests appeared to have been led by Orthodox Christian demonstrators, who carried Moldovan and Orthodox flags symbolizing the close ties of… Continue reading Moldova News | LGBT