Pavel Filip Blowing Smoke Up Everybody’s Ass

No, I am not indulging in my usual hyperbole. Today’s analysis comes from Deutsche Welle (link in Romanian), German state media. On Tuesday, RM Prime Minister Filip “Mr. Midnight” Pavel gave a press conference saying that Moldova is 63% on track in terms of specific requirements that the Association Agreement requires for RM and that he expects his government to be caught up on the … Continue reading Pavel Filip Blowing Smoke Up Everybody’s Ass

The Land of Perfect Christmas

I don’t remember very much about the year 1989, except for the end of it, when I found myself drunk and a little more than depressed on a cold December evening. It was Christmas Day, and I was in Israel. Officially, it isn’t a holiday, as most of the Arab Palestinians and all of the Jews don’t celebrate it. A tiny minority of Palestinians, however, … Continue reading The Land of Perfect Christmas

Friday Filosophizing

It looks like the final polishing of the book will be done this weekend, thus freeing up some time for me today. Therefore it’s time for another long Friday piece. When I’m not writing or thinking about Romania, I have a number of other “hobbies”. One of them is an almost obsessive-compulsive fascination with Sumerian literature. Another is an equally engrossing fascination with probability theories. … Continue reading Friday Filosophizing