The Russian Queen of Romania That Almost Was

Have you ever seen this photograph before? It is, quite possibly, the single most important photograph ever taken in the 20th century. The woman on the far right, holding a baby, is Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaevna Romanova. The young man in the back is Crown Prince Carol. The photograph was taken on July 14, 1914, in Constanta, Romania. Although no one quite knew it at … Continue reading The Russian Queen of Romania That Almost Was

День культуры Румынии

January 15 is scheduled to be Romanian Cultural Day in Odessa Ukraine: Генеральное Консульство Румынии в Одессе организует музыкально-литературную встречу, посвященную Дню Культуры Румынии и Дню рождения Михая Еминеску. In case your Russian is a little rusty, here is the Google Translate of the same article. People often say that Romania has “no involvement whatsoever” with Odessa, despite the fact that Romanian troops have occupied … Continue reading День культуры Румынии

The Odessa Tales, Pt. 2

Word Count: 2319 Well folks, it’s been an interesting week. A few simple comments about Odessa led to a lot of exploration and research, and so I thank everyone who contributed because it really gave me the impetus to learn a lot more about Romania during World War 2, a subject I had previously avoided because it was so ugly. I got some rather trenchant … Continue reading The Odessa Tales, Pt. 2