One of the most interesting periods of history that very few people on either side of the Prut River remember today is that there was a Soviet Moldovan Republic long before Romania ceded Bessarabia without a fight in 1940. It took several years after the 1917 “October” Revolution in Russia before the Soviet Union was able to exist as a coherent polity. Some of the … Continue reading Yes, MASSR

The Moldavian Wedding Massacre

My friend Matt recently published an excellent primer on weddings in Romania (and Moldova), and it reminded me of one of the weirdest episodes of television ever broadcast in the United States. Way back in 1985, at a time when Romanians were suffering from severe energy and food shortages in an effort to pay back IMF bankers, over in America, a soap opera about silly … Continue reading The Moldavian Wedding Massacre

4 Myths That Every Moldovan Believes

Word Count: 1145 Well folks, I’ve been living in the Republic of Moldova, otherwise known as the Poorest Country in Europe™, for over a year now, and am slowly starting to get an understanding of this country. I must admit, it’s not easy to get to know Moldova, as it is far more bashful and less vivacious than neighboring Romania. Nonetheless, over the course of … Continue reading 4 Myths That Every Moldovan Believes