4 Myths That Every Moldovan Believes

Word Count: 1145 Well folks, I’ve been living in the Republic of Moldova, otherwise known as the Poorest Country in Europe™, for over a year now, and am slowly starting to get an understanding of this country. I must admit, it’s not easy to get to know Moldova, as it is far more bashful and less vivacious than neighboring Romania. Nonetheless, over the course of … Continue reading 4 Myths That Every Moldovan Believes

The Odessa Tales, Pt. 2

Word Count: 2319 Well folks, it’s been an interesting week. A few simple comments about Odessa led to a lot of exploration and research, and so I thank everyone who contributed because it really gave me the impetus to learn a lot more about Romania during World War 2, a subject I had previously avoided because it was so ugly. I got some rather trenchant … Continue reading The Odessa Tales, Pt. 2