Markovian Parallax Dengi-rate

Yesterday I mentioned the money here in Moldova but now it’s time for a full post on the topic. As I said, you can tell a lot about a country by its money. Let’s see what it has to say! Background Moldovan money is called the leu (singular) or lei (plural). Just like its neighbors in Bulgaria and Romania, the name literally means “lions”. Why … Continue reading Markovian Parallax Dengi-rate

How To Budget Your Money

Yesterday I was perusing books in a local store and came across an old “classic” in business literature that I’d read years ago (in English). The central idea on the back of the book was “if you haven’t learned about how to handle money, then how are you going to know how to handle money?” I have zero interest in becoming a “business” author but … Continue reading How To Budget Your Money

Money Talk

Just a brief note on this one topic because I see it get mangled over and over. In the Romanian language, money (banii – bawnee) is always a plural word with normal plural declensions and is not a singular word as it is in English in most cases. Watch: Banii vorbesc – Literally “money(s) talk” – using the collective plural form of the verb rather … Continue reading Money Talk