Nation vs. State

Considering all the racist shit that’s been going on lately, I thought it was worth discussing a few basic definitions. Today, we use the word “country” (Ro: țara) rather loosely, sometimes meaning a sovereign political entity and sometimes in the older sense of a territory inhabited (predominately) by one people. For example, we say that Romania is a “country”, but there are several “countries” inside … Continue reading Nation vs. State

Fresh Manure for Romania

Just happened to be ambling along, minding my own business, when I saw this report. My translation: The [Romanian] Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Achim Irimescu, met with American Ambassador Hans Klemm on Thursday. During their discussion, the ambassador explained that America’s priorities are security, the rule of law, and the prosperity of both countries. The American ambassador added that… he hopes to see … Continue reading Fresh Manure for Romania