Word of the Day: Iar

Speaking of absolutely no Slavic influence whatsoever in the Romanian language, it’s a good time to look at the word iar (yar). If you are a native English (or Italian/Spanish/French etc) speaker than you have to understand that in some *coughcough* languages there’s actually two ways to say the word “and”. If you’re a beginner student of the Romanian language the word you need to … Continue reading Word of the Day: Iar

The Saddest Soccer Game of All Time

Well according to the poll (so far anyway), people want to hear some more about my personal life. The thing you have to understand is that I am somewhat like Kramer from Seinfeld. I don’t look anything like him in either physical appearance or dress but I do seemingly have no visible means of financial support, I do things for larks and I always end … Continue reading The Saddest Soccer Game of All Time