Historian Asks Hard Questions About Romanian Holocaust

From the Jerusalem Post: I looked for the “Why?” in the archives of Romania, but I could not find it there. In all the survivors, and children of survivors that I have talked to I awkwardly asked “why do you think this happened?” Despite my current work for my thesis, I have also been working on a book on the Jassy Pogrom which has put … Continue reading Historian Asks Hard Questions About Romanian Holocaust

The Experimenter

Over the Christmas holidays, I watched the movie The Experimenter, a quasi-semi-sorta-documentary about Stanley Milgram. The film was rather quirky and dry, but it did mention that Milgram was half Romanian, and there’s a scene about halfway through where an actor with a thick (fake) accent talks about the (real) atrocities that the Iron Guard committed during World War 2, that I wrote about in … Continue reading The Experimenter