The White Billionaire’s Burden

About 100 years ago, a famous British man wrote a poem about poor and uneducated little brown people (of the Phillipine Islands) and how it was the white man’s “burden” to help them. I was reminded of that sentiment once again this morning after reading an open letter from billionaire George Soros in the Guardian exhorting once again a policy of forcing education on Gypsy … Continue reading The White Billionaire’s Burden

The Self-Hating Gyp

Living in various parts of the United States as well as a lengthy stint in Israel (including during the 1989 Romanian revolution), I’ve spent considerable time around Jews and gotten familiar with one of their stranger beliefs, that of the self-hating Jew. In essence, there is a pervasive internal belief amongst a long-suffering minority that some of their own members are to blame for a … Continue reading The Self-Hating Gyp

The Ballad of Pangur Bán

One of the strange byproducts of being even slightly famous is that certain stories from your own life become apocryphal tales over time as they are told again and again, each time with more embellishments added. One such tale, based on a true story, is that when I was a high school student in America, I spent an academic year in Israel, officially studying ancient … Continue reading The Ballad of Pangur Bán