When Less is More (Less)

There’s plenty of confusing elements to Romanian grammar but luckily one of the easier parts is constructing comparatives. What am I talking about? More All you do is add the word mai (more) to any adjective. Verde – green. Mai verde – Greener Bun – good. Mai bun – Better Inalt – tall. Mai inalt – Taller Dulce – sweet. Mai dulce – Sweeter Less … Continue reading When Less is More (Less)

La Noi Ca La Nimeni

Wow! I know technically it’s a violation of Romanian Cultural Law to even say this but the truth is I had a wonderful time in Bucharest. Walked off the plane and there was someone right there waiting for me, holding up a sign that said “Sam Cel Roman”. If that isn’t the coolest thing, I don’t know what is ;) I met with a whole … Continue reading La Noi Ca La Nimeni