Cultural Suicide, Part 2

Word Count: 1358 Back in September, I wrote a post called Cultural Suicide, in which I generally welcomed the influx of migrants into Europe. A number of people disagreed with me, which is, of course, just fine. But when a much-publicized attack in Cologne/Koln happened on New Year’s Eve, a couple of commenters howled with glee, thinking that this proved their point that immigrants (particularly … Continue reading Cultural Suicide, Part 2

The Best Wedding Photographer in the World

Today I have the great pleasure of introducing you to the most talented photographic artist I have ever known. His name is Sebastian Bratescu and this is his website. I met Sebastian, or “Sebi” as he is known, in Romania back in 2008, and we rapidly became good friends. He has near genius-level skills at computing, so a big American corporation quickly lured him away, … Continue reading The Best Wedding Photographer in the World

Germans, the New Deal and Overwork

After writing my recent post about vacations in Romania, I came across this Salon article talking about how Germans are more productive yet work less and have more time off than Americans do. Quite illuminating and I recommend reading the entire thing, especially the fact that statistically Americans work nine full weeks more per year than Germans do and have six weeks (!) mandatory vacation … Continue reading Germans, the New Deal and Overwork