Everyone Agrees the IMF is Swell

I must say that it’s really been an interesting week for Moldova. No, I’m not just talking about all the protests but what all the players behind the current political crisis have been saying. Scattered across dozens of articles, you don’t see the pattern. It’s only when you stitch them together that you see what’s going on. Yesterday, Jose Manuel Borroso, the former president of … Continue reading Everyone Agrees the IMF is Swell

All Eyes on Moldova

The situation here in Moldova has spawned about a million articles, including now this one from the wise elves of The Economist entitled “A republic, if you can steal it”. Nice title, eh? That’s the Economist’s way of being smart asses. In 1918 the then three-month-old Moldovan republic gave up the struggle for survival and united with neighbouring Romania. It is a sign of how … Continue reading All Eyes on Moldova

Tensions Rise in RM

Wow! An amazingly frank piece from the BBC about the current situation in Moldova: Some people say the street protests in Moldova are by pro-Russian protesters trying to unseat a European-friendly government in a former Soviet republic. But the reality in Europe’s poorest country is more complicated than that. All due respect to this reporter for actually doing some work and not just taking a … Continue reading Tensions Rise in RM

Romania Offers Bribe to RM

You’ll have to have a subscription to the FT to read this story, but the opening sentence is a doozy: Pavel Filip, Moldova’s new prime minister, took office last week in a manner more befitting a dictator on his last legs than the leader of the EU’s one-time success story in Eastern Europe. Ouch! The story goes on to tell what you can read here … Continue reading Romania Offers Bribe to RM