Bodnariu Case Isn’t Going Away

Back in November, the department of Child Welfare in Norway removed five children from the custody of their parents, one Romanian (Bodnariu) and his wife (Norwegian). This issue continues to snowball: Thousands of people took to the streets over the weekend in Romania’s major cities, as well as in other European and American cities, in support of the Bodnariu family. The Romanian government has said … Continue reading Bodnariu Case Isn’t Going Away

Numai Oua

After a Romanian court felt sorry for a pitiful, confused old man and gave him a brief respite for Christmas, now twice-convicted former Prime Minister Adrian Nastase was carted off to jail two nights ago. Officially sentenced to four years, it’s doubtful he’ll serve more than 12 months due to the way the spineless justice system in Romania works. Nonetheless, all of the local press … Continue reading Numai Oua