Happy Western Easter Time Travel Day!

Hi there, folks! If you’re Catholic, Protestant, or any of about 500 other flavors of Christianity, today is Easter. If you’re living in Moldova, where only a few renegade Ukrainians and “weirdo” evangelicals celebrate Easter today then you’ll have to wait another month or so for all the Orthodox fun. Fun Fact #1: The Orthodox church in Romania uses the Gregorian (modern) calendar date for … Continue reading Happy Western Easter Time Travel Day!

Word of the Day: Prohod

Well here’s a word you won’t hear every day: prohod. In fact, the only time you’ll (probably) ever hear it is today because it refers to the specific Orthodox religious ceremony conducted on Good Friday. The word prohod specifically refers to funeral rites or the series of prayers and ceremonies conducted when someone is buried. What’s interesting (to me) is that the Slavic (yep) root … Continue reading Word of the Day: Prohod