The Curious Case of Mihai Tanjala

Hey, does anyone remember the case of Mihail Boldea? Or Omar Hayssam? Oh, just me then? Fine. It’s shocking just how many high-level criminals under investigation by the Romanian authorities are allowed to leave the country. No, they don’t crawl under border fences or use assumed names; they use their own passports, which the vaunted DNA never bothers to confiscate. Today, I saw that another … Continue reading The Curious Case of Mihai Tanjala

Comaneci in Cuba

After 50 years of insanity, last year the United States finally normalized relations with Cuba. One of the benefits of this is that American citizens can now freely travel to the island nation. According to Cuban state media (in Spanish), famous Romanian ex-gymnast Nadia Comaneci arrived in Havana yesterday. My translation: During her visit to Cuba, Nadia Comaneci was scheduled to meet with students from … Continue reading Comaneci in Cuba

Adrian Mutu Gets Married Yet Again

The soccer (football) player who was once the Great White Hope of Romania managed to get married for the third time in his life. Mutu recently published photos taken in the Cuban resort of Varadero, where he apparently signed the marriage documents alongside his partner. It appears the two are alone, although Mutu said in an Instagram post that they were surrounded by friends. Mutu … Continue reading Adrian Mutu Gets Married Yet Again