WOTD: Impodobi

I actually learned this word this year, which just goes to show you that you should never stop learning words, even in your own native language (my latest acquisition in English is gallimaufry). The verb I just learned recently is impodobi, which has a regular series of conjugations. The verb is a combination of im (to effect/add/put) and podoaba, meaning decorations, ornaments or accessories (from … Continue reading WOTD: Impodobi

Word of the Day: Ajunul Craciunului

Certainly not a “slang” word but just one of those mysterious Romanian words with a shadowy and uncertain past, ajun simply means the day (or night) before an important event. In this case, Ajunul (“the day/night before”) Craciunului (“of the Christmas”) simply means the night/day before Christmas, or as it is said in English, Christmas Eve. If you speak Romanian, I found this religious tale … Continue reading Word of the Day: Ajunul Craciunului