Comrade Teodorovich

Less than a year ago, the ruling coalition decided to replace their existing Minister of Finance with an old PSD party stalwart named Eugen Teodorovici. On the surface, it seemed to make sense. Eugen studied economics in Bucharest and had previously served as the Finance Minister under Ponta, although he was pretty forgettable in that role. He only lasted six months before resigning when Ponta … Continue reading Comrade Teodorovich

Tongue Bath

If you ask someone from Cluj-Napoca what language they speak here in dear, quaint Moldova, you’d get a unanimous answer: Romanian. Indeed, if you remember my post Akum noi toti govarim pa romaneste, you know that Romanian is the official language of the Moldovan constitution and so you probably consider the case closed. As an early Christmas gift to all those dirty non-believers (in Orthodox … Continue reading Tongue Bath