Ignorantia Juris Semper Excusat

You know, sometimes things in Romania are so absurd that when you hear about yet another tragedy, you almost have to laugh. Almost. First up, Justice Minister Raluca “I Need A Billion Euros to Spy On You” Pruna agreed with the recent Constitutional Court (Supreme Court) ruling that ignorance of the law is an excuse. At issue is whether a government official is committing the … Continue reading Ignorantia Juris Semper Excusat

Romanian Police Can’t Run Background Checks

There are few tabloids more lurid than Britain’s Daily Mail but once you get past the hyperbolic headlines you get to a nugget of truth: Police and immigration officers are searching for hundreds of ‘very serious’ foreign criminals in Britain after massive delays in obtaining their conviction records from Romania. UK detectives inundated authorities in the Eastern European country with requests for background intelligence on … Continue reading Romanian Police Can’t Run Background Checks