Ignorantia Juris Semper Excusat

You know, sometimes things in Romania are so absurd that when you hear about yet another tragedy, you almost have to laugh. Almost. First up, Justice Minister Raluca “I Need A Billion Euros to Spy On You” Pruna agreed with the recent Constitutional Court (Supreme Court) ruling that ignorance of the law is an excuse. At issue is whether a government official is committing the … Continue reading Ignorantia Juris Semper Excusat

Happy Western Easter Time Travel Day!

Hi there, folks! If you’re Catholic, Protestant, or any of about 500 other flavors of Christianity, today is Easter. If you’re living in Moldova, where only a few renegade Ukrainians and “weirdo” evangelicals celebrate Easter today then you’ll have to wait another month or so for all the Orthodox fun. Fun Fact #1: The Orthodox church in Romania uses the Gregorian (modern) calendar date for … Continue reading Happy Western Easter Time Travel Day!

Happy 1-Month Anniversary!

Wow! Exactly one month ago, I completely revamped the site. I’m guessing most of you like the changes as traffic is between 2-3 greater, as far as I can tell. Awesome! I’m definitely loving all the likes, comments, input, shares and other signs that you guys (and women! and transgendered people!) are enjoying the new format. I’m also excited to announce that we’ve got one … Continue reading Happy 1-Month Anniversary!

Constitution Hill

Well yesterday the parliamentary commission on modifying the Romanian constitution submitted their proposed changes, with all of the Romanian members voting “aye” (in favor) and the lone Hungarian voting “nay” (against) because the proposed changes did not frame the issue of regionalization the way the UDMR (Hungarian party) wanted nor was there any wording about the rights of minorities. You can click on the link … Continue reading Constitution Hill

Playing the Change Game

Adapted from an article I wrote two years ago, here for your erudition: When you first come to Romania, you will inevitably be invited to play a game. The invitation will come unannounced and you will have no choice about whether to play unless you are quite prepared. The game’s rules are not enshrined in any rulebook, nor is there any official name, but it … Continue reading Playing the Change Game