The Best Wedding Photographer in the World

Today I have the great pleasure of introducing you to the most talented photographic artist I have ever known. His name is Sebastian Bratescu and this is his website. I met Sebastian, or “Sebi” as he is known, in Romania back in 2008, and we rapidly became good friends. He has near genius-level skills at computing, so a big American corporation quickly lured him away, … Continue reading The Best Wedding Photographer in the World

When Less is More (Less)

There’s plenty of confusing elements to Romanian grammar but luckily one of the easier parts is constructing comparatives. What am I talking about? More All you do is add the word mai (more) to any adjective. Verde – green. Mai verde – Greener Bun – good. Mai bun – Better Inalt – tall. Mai inalt – Taller Dulce – sweet. Mai dulce – Sweeter Less … Continue reading When Less is More (Less)