Just Receipts

You know I can’t stop thinking about the Curious Case of Traian Berbeceanu, especially the part about how this “elite” brigade of anti-mafia cops have to fill out a fuel requisition sheet before a raid. If that’s actually true, why bother wasting time and money (or this whole sideline thing I never mentioned about swapping a car) bribing the chief of a police unit? The … Continue reading Just Receipts

The Curious Case of Traian Berbeceanu

One day a Romanian university student is going to write their dissertation on jurisprudence about the curious case of Traian Bereceanu. The more I look into it, the deeper the wormhole goes, and it really goes to back up everything I’ve ever said here about the police and the legal system. Two weeks ago the DNA anti-corruption unit swooped down on “Commissar” Traian Bereceanu, serving … Continue reading The Curious Case of Traian Berbeceanu