Bătaie în curu gol

I often get accused by my critics of being too focused on the negative aspects of Romania, a surprising behavior for a person supposedly so fond of the place. But from my perspective, showing concern is just another way of showing how much you care. Nonetheless, I thought it was time for an unambiguously positive story! Sticks and Swords Despite the Romanian press’s shaky journalistic … Continue reading Bătaie în curu gol

Die Stadt Bukarest ist von meinen Truppen besetzt

In working on my iPad book (which had some technical errors and needed to be re-submitted – should be ready soon!), I was reminded of the curious fact that Iaşi was the capital of all of Romania from 1916-1918. That’s an interesting piece of trivia but quite frankly I never knew why the government left Bucharest for two years and moved en masse to Iaşi. … Continue reading Die Stadt Bukarest ist von meinen Truppen besetzt