When you’re an English speaker learning Romanian, two of the first words that you’ll learn are the equivalents for “yes” and “no.” These are “da” and “nu” respectively, and you might think that’s the end of the story. But Romanian is a unique language that has preserved a lot of Latin grammar, and that includes a more nuanced way to affirm or contradict a statement. … Continue reading Ba

Word of the Day: Bă

Well folks there was a lot of commentary on the Word of The Day ba and how there’s a similar word, bă. In other words, everything I said about ba was correct. The word bă (with the “a with a hat”), pronounced something like buh or beh is different. Bă is an interjection and roughly means “hey you”. As the commenters noted, it is identical … Continue reading Word of the Day: Bă

Word of the Day: Ba

Again folks, we must remember that there is absolutely no Slavic influence on grammar, pronunciation or anything else. Or if there is some influence it is “minor” and “very little” :P Nonetheless, time to examine the (ordinary) word ba (bah), which while short and sweet, is important. The DEX has a perfect definition: (Expressed in opposition to an earlier (stated) negative idea or question, used … Continue reading Word of the Day: Ba