The Experimenter

Over the Christmas holidays, I watched the movie The Experimenter, a quasi-semi-sorta-documentary about Stanley Milgram. The film was rather quirky and dry, but it did mention that Milgram was half Romanian, and there’s a scene about halfway through where an actor with a thick (fake) accent talks about the (real) atrocities that the Iron Guard committed during World War 2, that I wrote about in … Continue reading The Experimenter

NYT reviews ‘The Treasure’

Wow, another dark and depressing film about Romania’s past? Gee, what a shocker! “The Treasure” is [Costi’s] fourth feature — take place in the thoroughly disenchanted world of post-Communist Romania, and the attention he pays to that world is measured and meticulous. He favors extended takes, medium- to long-range shots and minimal camera movements. Rather than forcing anything to happen, he is content to wait … Continue reading NYT reviews ‘The Treasure’

Survivorman Les Stroud in Romania

Word Count: 523 The other day, I was surprised when the Unsleeping Eye alerted me to the fact that a popular survivalist had filmed not one but two episodes in Romania. The show is called Survivorman, featuring the legendary Les Stroud, and Season 7 Episodes 2-3 were billed as Les doing some survival in “Transylvania”. I say “Transylvania” because, unfortunately, Les was not in Transylvania. … Continue reading Survivorman Les Stroud in Romania

Romania is a vivacious young girl

If Romania were my field of study at a university, my second doctoral thesis would definitely be entitled The historical trend of the nation of Romania’s depiction in visual space as a virginal maiden (my first thesis is a little less conventional lol). Time and again, from all historical periods, there seems to be a universal consensus that Romania, as a country, is a “young, … Continue reading Romania is a vivacious young girl