Hungarian Word of the Day: Gáz

Today I went down to visit my (cats’) veterinarian, who is Hungarian, and asked her for another local slang word to pass on. Serendipitously, I ended up meeting an extremely nice Hungarian lady later on in a separate circumstance, so today I’ve been using more Hungarian than the last month combined. Today’s word is: gáz (goz). In it’s normal use as a noun it means … Continue reading Hungarian Word of the Day: Gáz

Word of the Day: Vagány

Do you remember those three words which meant “cool” in Romanian, especially the word tare? If you do, you remember that the root meaning of the original word is “strong” or “heavy” or “tough” and the like. Today’s word is: vagány. Hopa! This is an entirely Hungarian word and never used in Romanian. I went down from my kingdom and visited a Hungarian friend of … Continue reading Word of the Day: Vagány