Loony Gas

Word Count: 1655 Lately, I’ve been up to my eyeballs dealing with personal problems, but even so I managed to note that Victoria Nuland, Romania’s frenemy, made a brief stop in Bucharest on Wednesday (Jan 14) for private meetings with PM Victor Ponta and newly-elected President Herr Klaus, as well as the usual coterie of interlocutors. All that was normal, and to be expected, as … Continue reading Loony Gas

My Mini Guide To Places I’ve Been To

I hereby offer my brief description of (almost) every town/city in Romania I’ve been to as well as a few landmarks/tourist places. In alphabetical order. Aiud – Pleasant tiny town where I once spent three hours on a hot summer’s day down at the railroad cargo dock. Don’t ask. Real sleepy place but has one tiny, very nice cafe/bar with a large balcony out back … Continue reading My Mini Guide To Places I’ve Been To