Soros v. Romania

Word count: 1868 Oh lord, where to begin? Today, as I was working one of my three jobs (it’s complicated), I came across this story from Craig Turp of Bucharest Life and I simply had to respond. But first, a lot of necessary disclaimers! Disclaimer Time I have nothing but admiration for Bucharest Life. They are hands down the best source for English-language news and … Continue reading Soros v. Romania

The Strange Behavior of Living Creatures

Word count: 2605 By now, you may have heard that Romania is close to getting its first female prime minister, a woman named Sevil Shhaideh. Not only is she the first woman to potentially hold the post, but she’s also a Muslim member of the minority Turkmen-Tatar community in Romania (more on them here). She’s likely to be confirmed, but we’ll have to wait for … Continue reading The Strange Behavior of Living Creatures

The Theft of the Century

The other day, after briefly mentioning how Kroll’s second report is now a month overdue (with no information about when it will ever be released), I remembered that somewhere in my archives I had a copy of the original Kroll report from April 2015. It’s a rather long and “boring” document but it is written in English so I sat down and read it thoroughly. … Continue reading The Theft of the Century

Tensions Rise in RM

Wow! An amazingly frank piece from the BBC about the current situation in Moldova: Some people say the street protests in Moldova are by pro-Russian protesters trying to unseat a European-friendly government in a former Soviet republic. But the reality in Europe’s poorest country is more complicated than that. All due respect to this reporter for actually doing some work and not just taking a … Continue reading Tensions Rise in RM

A Well-Kept Secret

I almost completely disagree with the majority of this article from a Romanian author describing Moldova’s current problems. But I do note that the author is absolutely right about one thing: Russia has another considerable advantage, namely that Romania lacks focus and expertise on Moldova. Romania has in the past years been Moldova’s closest partner in support of its European trajectory. Currently, however, there are … Continue reading A Well-Kept Secret