Politics In Romania: Puppet Theater

You know, living here in Romania, you’d think I’d be more interested in politics, politicians and what’s happening on the political scene. The truth though is that I really don’t care very much at all. Frankly I’m not missing out on a whole lot. Just about all of the political players of any consequence are holdovers from the Communist era, a group of graying, balding … Continue reading Politics In Romania: Puppet Theater

The Chisinau Mayoral Election, Part 2

Advisory warning: What follows is an extremely tedious and detailed analysis of the recent mayoral elections in Chisinau, the conclusion of which is that I stand by my initial findings. This past week, the European Union decided to freeze a 100 million euro aid package to Moldova specifically because of the Chisinau mayoral race: Disbursements under the Macro-Financial Assistance program hinge on the successful implementation … Continue reading The Chisinau Mayoral Election, Part 2

Fear and Loathing

After my wife and I enjoyed a lovely day in Transnistria last month, I told the Unsleeping Eye to increase its attention on this country that “doesn’t exist.” So, you can imagine my horror when I saw this story being reported by Agerpress, the official state media of Romania. My translation: The Use of the Latin Alphabet to Write the “Moldovan Language” Is Punishable by … Continue reading Fear and Loathing