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One thing I’ve never understood is Romania’s irrational fear and hatred of Russia. Literally anything that Russia does is always met with suspicion while conversely anything that the United States does is always excused and forgiven.

Romania had a brief dispute with the United States when NATO illegally began bombing the shit out of Yugoslavia in 1999 and Romania refused to let American weapons transit their territory, but Romania DID cooperate with the US in setting up an air traffic control network.

But since then? Romania has been America’s ultra-compliant servant. One of the “rewards” for doing literally everything America has ever asked for since 1999 was supposed to be getting a visa waiver for Romanians to travel to the United States.

Let’s check in on how that’s been going, shall we?

This about sums up USA-Romania relations

Bonus points: Romania sent troops to Afghanistan in 2001 and still has soldiers there. A total of 76 Romanians have been killed in Afghanistan and at least 31 wounded. Afghanistan has never attacked Romania, and not a single Afghan citizen has ever committed an act of terrorism in Romania.

Double bonus points: The United States crippled the Romanian economy between 1972-1989 by lending Ceausescu at least 13 billion dollars, leading to wide-spread starvation and suffering.