Nuland Still Scheming

I was perusing through the Moldovan news when I found a strange throw-away blurb in the middle of an article (in Romanian) about something else.

Back on January 6, the new Moldovan Ambassador to Germany was presenting his credentials when, out of the blue, the German president asked the new ambassador what the procedure was for RM to formally unite with Romania. That’s shocking enough (as it’s nowhere in the cards right now) but here’s the paragraph that caught my eye (translation mine):

The discussion occurred [between the German federal president and the new Moldovan ambassador to Germany] at the same time that Victoria Nuland was in Bucharest, holding a closed-door meeting with the President and Prime Minister of Romania, in which they discussed regional security. Nuland also expressed her interest in the internal problems and ongoing political crisis in the second Romanian state [i.e. Moldova].

She never quite does leave things well enough alone, does she? Clearly, she’s fishing for a chance to orchestrate the RM government to her liking. Let’s not forget that the U.S. embassy pushed RM President Timofti to nominate banker and American stooge Ion Sturza for PM that same week as well. With Nuland at the helm, the U.S. State Department is trying to do everything possible to steer RM out of Russia’s influence. And let’s not forget that Nuland is such a brazen opportunist that she once said, “Fuck the EU” when it came time for Ukraine to determine its future.

Of course, all of this completely negates the fact that the citizens of RM have the right to determine their own fate and elect their own representatives whether America, Romania or anyone else likes the results. And almost nobody here in RM wants to “join” Russia, or be some puppet Russian state, or whatever other hyperbole Romanians/USA/NATO people keep spouting. Mostly, people are just sick and tired of suffering from the depredations of pro-EU politicians, and closer ties with Russia means more jobs and more markets for their goods.

I have to laugh at the conspiracy theorists who see Russia’s evil influence in everything when there is more than enough evidence that the American government is overtly pressuring both Romania and RM to do its bidding.

7 thoughts on “Nuland Still Scheming

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  2. I completely agree with you, Sam! But what I’m really curious about is what America wants AFTER Romania and RM unite. I don’t believe in presents from the American Government, especially not to Eastern European countries that can represent “satellite” states for the US to use as they please. There must be a really sinister reason for them to want RM to unite with Romania and I’m afraid it doesn’t have to do with the old “evil Russia” speech. What is even scarier is the fact that they have Germany on their side, this is the worst combination you can get. The reason why WW2 ended was because they were enemies, but know that they are on the same team, they are pretty much in charge of Europe.


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