A Sad and Pathetic Little Man


Well folks, it’s time to tell a story here that’s never been written before. So sit down and fix yourself a snack because now is time to tell the tale of the sad and pathetic little troll named Liviu Alexa.

In case you’ve never heard of him, he’s a prominent businessman, failed politician, and journalist in Cluj-Napoca aka Unicorn City, the wonderful city I called home for more than 10 years. I’ve never actually met him face-to-face, but I living in Cluj as long as I did, of course I knew who he was.

Whatever his professional activities were, or are, were of no concern to me as I made my living as a writer and never competed with him in the business sphere. And yet I started hearing a lot of ugly things about him from secondary sources, including some very disturbing rumors. But I never believe a rumor, so I just chalked it up to ordinary gossip, which is a normal part of daily Romanian life.

I then discovered first-hand just what a vicious little troll he is when my good friend, and all-around amazing and kind-hearted person, Shajjad Rizvi, came to me, asking for help. He was being pursued by Liviu Alexa, and being smeared by Alexa’s poison pen in the Romanian-language press. I wrote about that story here, doing my best to debunk all of Liviu Alexa’s lies.

Yes, I said the word lies, a word I don’t use too often. But that is what they were – complete and utter lies. Shajjad is my friend, and a big boy able to take care of himself, but when you’re spreading lies that hurts the good work The Little People are doing – helping kids with cancer for fuck’s sake! – then that crosses the line. Completely unacceptable.

I don’t know if that’s when Liviu Alexa decided to make me his personal enemy or what, but he started riding my ass after that article in 2013 and never let up. Through various secondary sources, as well as Alexa’s own mendacious articles, the guy began waging a personal vendetta against everyone (of prominence) I have ever known. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised because when you’re evil enough to attack a charity helping kids with cancer, nothing is beyond the pale, eh?

Now let’s fast-forward to my big immigration case in 2014 that ultimately led to my expulsion from Romania. From a legal perspective, my standing wasn’t bulletproof, and that’s exactly why I hired an awesome lawyer and went to court and submitted evidence and did everything the fair way. I wasn’t asking for any trickery, or bullshit, or bending the rules, only a fair shot to represent myself and be allowed to stay in Romania.

Well, I already told everything there is to say about that, except for one thing. In the process of preparing for my defense, I called on the support of all of the wonderful people I knew in Cluj. One of them was the publisher of my Romanian book, a man named Vasile Dancu (not to be confused with the sociologist of the same name). Mr. Dancu is just a tremendously good and decent person, and even if he had never published my book, I’d be privileged to call him my friend. Unfortunately, Mr. Dancu, in the process of trying to help me, reached out to Liviu Alexa, thinking that he (Alexa) would be similarly inclined to help me.

About two weeks before my court trial took place, I was standing in my publisher’s office and Alexa called, and the phone was handed to me, and I found myself unexpectedly talking to Liviu Alexa live and in direct for the first (and only) time. Despite the fact that I was speaking Romanian to everyone, Alexa aggressively insisted on speaking to me in his shit English, and began spouting out all kinds of bullshit about how he (Alexa) was going to help me. In fact, he promised the media would all be there to cover my trial, etc, etc, and he would use all his contacts to write up good things about me and my situation.

Of course, I thought to myself, “Cool”. If he’s had a sudden change of heart, or is inclined to help me because Mr. Dancu and others had asked him to, then I certainly wasn’t going to refuse it. All I told him (Alexa) on the phone was, “Awesome. If you can help, I’ll take it.” End of discussion. I hung up the phone and never spoke to him again.

Fast-forward to the case itself, and the days up immediately preceding it. Well, the media didn’t show up at my trial. I didn’t call them precisely because of my own personal belief that my “use” of the media (if that’s the right word) was for one thing, and one thing only: to promote Romania to Romanians, and talk about how wonderful that country is. Covering my trial just seemed selfish to me, and had nothing to do with giving back to Romania, so when the media didn’t show up, that was fine with me.

Unfortunately, behind the scenes, Alexa was indeed making calls, just not ones to help me. Over the past year, I’ve received dozens of emails and messages from friends, telling me that they knew something political was ongoing far beyond the scope of my small little immigration case. Well, until now, I could not say anything but I will say it now. It was Liviu Alexa who ensured I was deported. Yep.

Yes, I did have an issue with my residency permit, and that’s all on me. But, as my legal team and many knowledgeable local friends knew quite well, I still had a perfectly valid chance to win my case. But no, that was unacceptable to Liviu Alexa, and so he burned up his phone both day and night, calling everyone from the fucking judge to the local head of Immigration in Cluj (whose name I won’t say simply because the guy constantly Googles himself and I’m not interested in further inflating his ego). Liviu Alexa is a pathetic little man who couldn’t even let the wheels of justice turn, but instead used his considerable reach and influence to make sure that I was exiled from Romania for two years.

Guess what? Not a problem. I found a new happiness here, and as I just announced the other day, I am about to get married. Yupi, I am so excited! And my marriage will take place here in Chisinau, Moldova, far beyond the reach of Liviu Alexa and his devilish friends.

Now, you’d think that me being exiled and banned from Romania until 2017 would be enough, eh? LOL Well if you think so, that just means that you don’t know Liviu Alexa. I continue to have many wonderful friends and supporters in Cluj, and today they alerted me to the fact that Liviu Alexa is still obsessed with me, and is now writing posts (no links but you can find them in Romanian if you wish) about how I’m “begging” for money and all kinds of other lies. All I can say to that is read my own words again, moron. If people want to be generous, then awesome. If not, no problem!

In fact, I want to take a moment here and thank everyone who has been so incredibly generous. Besides just the PayPal and GoFundMe cash donations, I have received so, so, so, so, so many wonderful messages and emails! I even got an email from a former critic, who once used this very blog (the one you’re reading) to blast me about something he disagreed with. I never censor anyone, and so he had his say, and just yesterday he wrote me to say he’s had a change of heart, and wishes me all the best.

I won’t quote his email out of respect for his personal privacy (he’s just a regular person, not a journalist and big cheese like Liviu Alexa), but I will tell you what I told him in response: I always welcome the truth, and I need to hear uncomfortable truths (criticisms) just as much as pleasant ones. My head will explode from egoism if I only hear flattering things, and I truly do sometimes love my critics more than my fans, just because it keeps me connected and grounded.

But back to Liviu Alexa, the poor, pathetic little man who is obsessed over me. What did I ever do to him? Did I flirt with his so-called girlfriend once at a club? Did I not recognize him in the street and sink to my knees and bow down to his greatness like he expected I would? LOL No clue. Don’t know, and don’t care, really. I am about to get married, and he can date all the women in Romania for all I care. I only need one woman now, and she sure as hell never met Liviu Alexa LMFAO

So…. long story short, watch out for this guy. He’s hurting in his soul, and burning up with jealousy and envy even despite his millions of euros in the bank. He’s like a desperate, drowning man, and will sink even his friends with all this flailing about.

But instead of me having the last word, I will now hand it over to my Gypsy friends, who are literally illiterate, but still recognized what a sad and unhappy man Liviu Alexa is, who once had to use his dog in a pathetic (failed) attempt to run for local office back in 2012:

I will never stop finding that funny :)


PS – This message is for Liviu Alexa when he reads this. Guess what, son? I’ll be back in Cluj sooner than you think. And I’m coming for you, bro, and I’m going to put a stop to this nonsense once and for all. And if I have to break all 10 of your fingers to prevent you from hurting more innocent people, I’ll do it. That’s not my first choice, but this will come to an end before the year 2015 does. Better trust and believe it ;)

4 thoughts on “A Sad and Pathetic Little Man

  1. Sam, don’t physically threaten him. He’ll use it to block your entry into the country, or some nonsense. Great post. I had no idea you had been deported. This gives me insight into Romanian life that I hadn’t had before. No wonder people are very concerned about the opinions of others and their public reputation. They might need those friends and that reputation if a Big Man decides to target them. :(

    P.S. Congratulations on your engagement!


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