Mr. Saxo Beat

alexandrastanWell I imagine you’ve heard by now that the singer Alexandra Stan was savagely beaten by her boyfriend a few days ago, landing her in the hospital.

The English-language reports decline to show the graphic photos and videos of the injured Alexandra, which are quite disturbing.

I happen to follow her on Twitter and saw the original message, posted in fucked-up English, that she had been involved in a car crash. It was only a day later that she came forward to all of the Romanian celebrity gossip shows/tabloids with the truth.

I’ve always had a soft spot for Alexandra, especially after she appeared in the same ProTV special on December 1, 2011 as I did. You can see the promo for the both of us here:

While reading through the thousands of comments on the Romanian sites, I was reminded of this country’s ridiculous laws on assault. The English-language news report that the police “generally do not intervene in domestic disputes and tend to investigate only if the victim files a complaint.” Actually it’s far worse than that. The police only “investigate” if the victim files a complaint in all cases of assault, not just ones involving domestic violence.

Even worse than that is that the stupid laws here don’t allow you to file a complaint that someone beat you until you get what’s called a “forensic medicine certificate”, wherein you have to get an official piece of paper saying that your injuries were caused by an assault.

That’s all fine and good if you’re a courageous young woman like Alexandra and you have the money and ability to go get that certificate. But as I know from personal experience, when a poor person or homeless person gets assaulted and can’t pay for this f*cking certificate then the police just shake their heads and do nothing.

This is yet another reason why there’s always a low-level but constant “warfare” amongst the street people here in Romania because quite frankly there’s next to no risk of being arrested or jailed if the victim of violence if a poor person.

Even more disgustingly, if a person assaults you and you have the money and courage to go get the certificate and the police begin an “investigation” (I say that word with a bitter laugh) the victim will later get the option of essentially “dropping the charges” in exchange for a payoff from their aggressor. This isn’t bribery or corruption I’m talking about but the fucking law. And it’s sad for me to say this but I’ve known a few people over the year who were beaten up by their boyfriends, initially wanted to press charges but then took the payoff months down the road when the injuries were all healed.


Sadly, domestic violence even in richer countries with more humane laws continues on. The celebrity British chef Nigella Lawson was recently assaulted in public by her husband and she’s apparently so intimidated and cowed by this bully that she’s not going to press charges. Double sigh.

About the only good news to come out of this is that it looks like cowardly bastard who beat Alexandra Stan, Marcel Prodan has not come home in days and is essentially in hiding from the media and the hostility of the general public. Good! The guy can get his day in court if it wasn’t he who did this but I’m damned glad to see the Romanian general public take her side in this and not just laugh it off.

After all, I’ve been around long enough to remember when the magazine Playboy (Romanian edition) had an article entitled How to Beat Your Wife Without Leaving Marks. Sickening. So bravo for Alexandra for stepping forward on this!

16 thoughts on “Mr. Saxo Beat

  1. I do not understand how naive can foreigners be….
    you think all things are black and white…

    she got beaten… bad… but who is she and why is she beaten, who is the idiot… why did he beat her?

    newsflash… they are both two idiots that managed to make some money… she is an illiterate girl with less brain than a monkey… he is a monkey with less brain that an ant…

    and they got disputes… because they are idiots…
    should we jail them at once?

    sure… and we will jail 95% of all gypsies in 5 years…
    mate… this is not a libtard nation… you have to PROVE that you got beaten… and even so… there got to be A REASON behind it…

    only then you can prosecute.. and only then you can say someone is guilty…

    now she got beaten… her first move? tour the media and blame the guy….

    you get beaten you get yourself a nice medical record, and then you prove that you got beaten…
    because the idiot girl did the media show… he is now free

    right now…. both idiots are free and I can bet than in 5 years they will even make up…

    moral of the story…
    idiots love each other…. and they sometimes beat the hell out of each other…
    what is new? ever seen a gypsy love gone wrong?

    it will surely change your view on them… or your libcrap mentality…
    you either fix them… or fix your mentality


  2. The Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark… very good English, even in the shops, even taxi drivers and tram drivers, which doesn’t happen in Romania… from a good reason, but still, if you want to compare, there are many countries to compare with


  3. how can this donkey complain about the level of english in romania!! just by looking at the comments here one could easily notice high proficiency. romanians are among the best in the world when it comes to english and foreign languages.give us one ex of a non english country where the comments section could give you answers written like the ones above and in general on his site.brazil? lol france? enlighten us.he wants better english this donkey lol.


  4. Since I’m a lawyer (practicing for over 15 years) I know a little about the situation and basically Sam is right. Just a few remarks:

    1. Although technically you can file a criminal complaint by fax or postal office, once the police gets the fax or whatever they will move even slower than usual to actually start working on your case; months (at best!). Even when they do start, the first thing they do is to summon you to their office to make the same declaration/complaint in front of them (handwritten in front of a police officer).
    2. Without a forensic medical certificate even if the assault was filmed and and in front of 10,000 witnesses it doesn’t matter, your complaint will be dismissed.
    3. In most cases the police seems annoyed that you have filed a complaint and they do their best to discourage you to go through.
    4. There is something very wrong with the penal laws of this country and the logic (or lack of) behind them considering that the penalty for theft is higher than the one for rape. I never understood why the maximum prison time you can get for a “simple” rape is 10 years and the maximum for a “simple” theft is 12 years. What’s more important, some material goods or a human being?!

    Finally, it’s absolutely irrelevant if the manager’s press release was written in a bad, average or perfect English. What matters is that he tried to cover his disgusting behavior with a ridiculous lie (ridiculous because I’ve seen the bruses on Alexandra’s body and there is no way they could come from a car crash).
    I hope that he will serve some prison time, but knowing the legal system I’m afraid he will not.

    I really really really despise men who assault women! I’ve seen first hand the traumatic effects of such deeds (some psychological traumas never fully heal) and if any man feels aggressive impulses there are many places where he can test his courage and release that aggressiveness. We have soldiers in Afghanistan; go fight with the talibans, boys, and then we’ll see who’s who!


    1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but according to Art. 227 (1) of the Criminal Code, the penalty for a “simple” theft is 6 months to 3 years in jail or a fine. So the maximum would be 3 years, not 12.


      1. You are wrong. The theft is stipulated in art.208 of the Penal Code and the penalty is between 1 and 12 years.

        The penalty you are mentioning is stipulated in art.228 (not 227) of the new Penal Code but that hasn’t come into force yet. Presumably that will happen on February 1st, 2014.


    2. As for the manager’s press release, it was Sam who defined it as being written in a fucked-up English, and I simply wanted to know what is so fucked-up in the following text:
      Alexandra Stan has been involved in an accident. She is recovering. More info to come. Alexandra Stan Management.
      Don’t get me wrong. I’m just curious, that’s all.


      1. My point was that it’s irrelevant how well the manager speaks English so we shouldn’t be concerned about it.
        Sam may have just wanted to insult the guy, I don’t know and I don’t care.


      2. I didn’t dispute that, of course it’s irrelevant. I was just curious to find out from Sam how the English language was fucked-up in that message. But I guess you’re right, this was probably Sam’s way to insult the guy. Kinda lame, if I may say.


  5. Re: the stupid laws here don’t allow you to file a complaint that someone beat you until you get what’s called a “forensic medicine certificate”

    That’s not true. According to the stupid laws here, you don’t need to have the medical certificate in order to file the complaint. Moreover, you can submit the complaint in person, by mail, by e-mail or through another person whom you have authorized.

    Later you can add a medical certificate, as well as witness testimonies and other evidence.

    Oh, and one more thing: the investigation starts at the moment the initial complaint has been filed.


    1. Still, you must file a complaint for any investigation to take place (the police ‘nu se autosesizeaza’) and the complaint can be withdrawn, which stops the investigation. For example, if you steal and the police sees you they will investigate – why don’t they when they see a woman that was beaten and she even says publicly that it was the husband/manager/etc.

      Also there was all this crap about mediation that was being recently discussed, which should not be an option in case of violent crimes.

      I’m not saying other systems are perfect but if we want to curb violence against women we need better laws.


      1. No, what we need is a better enforcement of the current laws.

        And you are wrong: according to the law, the police or the prosecutor’s office ‘se pot autosesiza’ in cases of domestic violence when they find out about them in any way, including from the press.

        And let’s not forget that Law 25/2012 has introduced the “restriction order” which can be issued by the court to remove the state of danger.


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