The Revolution Begins

Let me just say that this weekend was one of the best in my entire life, absolutely amazing, absolutely, stupendously wonderful and there will be lots and lots of details to come in my next post. I had not one but two video cameras recording everything as well as a camera taking (still) photographs so stay tuned for that! The book launch went swimmingly well and I sold a ton of copies and I shook a million hands and there is almost nothing better on Earth than seeing people really love reading what you wrote.

I’ll go ahead and do a quick little self-promotion and say that if you live in Romania and want a copy, you can order one from EDITURA EIKON and if you live in the rest of the world you can get it from AMAZON.COM. Note: this book is in the Romanian language ONLY so be aware of that :)

But aside from all of the amazing, stupendous things going on with me personally, I was absolutely, undeniably thrilled to see this:


You might remember my little video from a few days ago and my subsequent homily on the subject that even something as “silly” or inconsequential as mocking a political poster was a major act in the course of sustaining a true democracy.

Now you can see that some other kind soul(s), totally unconnected to me (although if I inspired them to do this, I’m happy to have done so) went around and stuck pig noses onto political posters. I’m not actually picking on Liviu Alexa in particular here, it’s just that he’s the guy me and my Democracy Buddies filmed. I saw a dozen other political posters with different candidates, all with the same pig’s nose.

Someone or a group of someones took the trouble to Xerox a sheet full of pig’s noses and then carefully cut them out of the paper and then tape or glue them onto dozens of posters around town. Sir(s) or Madam(s), my hat is off to you! Yes! No more fear! No more undue respect and kowtowing to these people just because they’re politicians and “big cheeses” and VIP people in this society!

It’s a very small thing to deface a poster but at the same time it’s a huge thing, because it means the person applying those noses was not afraid. And nor should they be. I realize it’s election season and blah, blah, blah this is how they do their advertising but these people are clogging up our public spaces with their crap and I think it’s only fair to add a little artistic improvement :)

By the way, in case you’re reading this and thinking, Oh how DARE you, sir! Don’t you realize they paid good money to advertise their important services and now you’re siding with bandits who come along and deface their wholesome advertising? I will just tell you this: there are posters of ME all over this city at the moment, right with my own photograph on them, all paid for with good coin. But if somebody really feels the urge to artistically improve my image, well then go right ahead :)

In fact, let’s make this interesting. Let’s see whose posters get defaced first, mine or those of pompous bloggers with delusions of grandeur LOL

Let freedom reign!

2 thoughts on “The Revolution Begins

  1. So I must endeavor earnestly with my Romanian lessons. Loved your Insiders Guide to Romania. Look forward to reading this book too.


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