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  1. Carla says:

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  2. a REAL Romanian says:

    Sam, you are a DESPICABLE PERSON. Do you even know who Mircea Diaconu is? Do you know what he did for the culture of this country? He is worth 1000 of you blogger types. Go effing ef yourself!

    Also, where is Basescu? What have you ever said nice about Basescu? What? I don’t hear anything. Maybe Uncle Sam didn’t give you any orders regarding speaking ill of Basescu. If this government declares that you can be a Romanian citizen, we should effing do a repean on the whole Revolution thing.

    Now I’m going to buy a movie staring Mircea Diaconu, just so that you’ll die of ciuda!


    1. assur17 says:

      Sir, this idiot whom I worshiped ALL MY LIFE, has just voted against the law that would have forbidden the shale gas exploration by fracking and this horrible technique is about to be used in many places in this country, including where I live my humble life. He and other cunts were crying over our shoulders as we were protesting by thousands this Spring. And guess what: He now says YES to fracking, as he could care less if we’ll be poisoned to death. I don’t give a fuck on this pathetic piece of shit, driven only by political gain and money. I hope he burns in Hell.


    2. Giuseppe says:

      The actor Mircea Diaconu was an important artist. The politician (and probably the man) Mircea Diaconu is a fucking cunt. Those are two different things… and the former is no excuse for the latter.


  3. Suzana says:

    Oooh, dar lipsesc atatia!!! Unde-s Bombo, Base si altii…?


    1. assur17 says:

      I was thinking the same. The Supreme Leader and a lot of other a*holes are missing from the picture. But then, it would be a freakin’ large picture and no space to put it.


  4. Andrei says:

    You should put a big red X on the ones already locked away :) I know at least one.


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